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Over the last 12 months we have taken real life situations and used those scenarios to create questions that will identify how an individual will perform in their role. These assessments are designed to help School Leaders feel confident they have the right IT team in place.

Use Ed ITK assessments when:

  • You are recruiting a new IT technician or Manager

  • You want to assess how suitable your current IT team is for your technology plans

  • You have a long standing IT team and you wish to identify knowledge gaps and training opportunities.

The Basic Assessment

Consists of 30 questions covering topics ranging from data security through to network management. The contents of every test are randomly generated from a pool of hundreds of questions and the tests are time limited to assess performance under pressure.

Simply complete the online order form and a test invite will be sent to your chosen attendee(s) and we will invoice your organisation. The timeframe for the test can be set to as little as 48 hours of being sent should you wish to move quickly.

Advanced Assessment

Gain a deeper understanding of an individual’s IT knowledge and would be an essential part of recruiting a new IT Manager. The 30 questions from the Basic Assessment are partnered with more detailed free text responses around real-life situations such as: setting up SSO via AD and contract management/negotiation. The Advanced Assessment also includes a number of practical server tests to help identify those who know the theory but not the practical application.


Customise your plan

If you would like greater involvement and support during your recruitment or review programme, please select Custom Plan and one of the team will be in contact to discuss your specific needs. PFE have been involved in many interviews and produced a number of bespoke questions based on client’s criteria. The majority of these have been for review purposes so as to assess the capabilities of an individual or the whole team.

Select your assessment below


Select the assessment required based on the role and purpose.

Teacher and Young Student

Basic Assessment

£199.00 ex VAT

30 question assessment
Identify strengths
Spot areas for improvement
Benchmark against industry
Quick results
Tailored questions to match your KPIs

School Application

Advanced Assessment

Coming Soon

£359.00 ex VAT

More in-depth examination of skillset for those roles that have greater responsibility.

Basic Assessment included

Real time challenges

In-depth scenario responses

Contract management 

Family with Tablet

Custom Plan

£500 ex VAT

Tailored action plan for school groups and those requiring greater support

Supplier contract reviews

Recruiting guidance and advice

Full IT system and network audit

Further bespoke solutions

Choose your pricing plan

  • Basic Assessment

    The Essential Standard
    Valid for one year
    • Identify strengths
    • Spot areas for improvement
    • Benchmarked against industry
    • Quick results
    • Tailored to your KPIs
    • 30 question assessment
  • Manager Assessment - Coming Soon

    The Advanced Standard
    Valid for one year
    • Basic Assessment included
    • Real time server challenges
    • In-depth scenario responses
    • Contract management
  • Custom Plan

    Tailored action plan for school groups and for greater support
    • Supplier Contract reviews
    • Recruitment guidance and advice
    • IT systems review
    • Bespoke solutions
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